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Sweet Potato Pie: A Thanksgiving Recipe Comic

How to make Ashley's family's take on this holiday classic.

It's fall -- time for cooler weather, cute sweaters, and holidays. But, most importantly, it's pie season. Read more.

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Lore: Amazon’s Monster

How Aaron Mahnke Frankensteined TV, a podcast, and the historically supernatural

Podcasts have become all the rage within the past few years: hell, even I have one. There are shows for pop culture, true crime, cooking, fictional stories, traveling, finances, and so much more. A couple years back, I found a podcast that combined two things I love: history and the supernatural. Read more.

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Summoning the Mother of Cats

When the moon is full and your heart is heavy, the time is right to summon the Mother of Cats. Read more.

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Small Wonder

A Spell to Summon Your Inner Child

Our child self is never far away, and can be summoned easily, even for a beginning spellworker. Read more.

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A Spell for Calming Anxiety

Simple magical ways to find a little inner peace

"May the fire cleanse me of this crappiness and bring me only happiness" Read more.

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Fangirl Nostalgia: Rereading My Teenage Fanfiction

Adolescent adventures in shipping, self-inserts, and questionable romantic subplots

After a recent deep clean, I came across my old spirals and folders containing these vintage, handwritten fanfics. So, I dusted them off and decided to share a few exceptional gems with the world. Read more.

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Dragon armor makes sense AND is rad as hell. So, um, where is it?

One singular issue is now at the front of my mind regarding this show: The very serious and absurd lack of DRAGON ARMOR. Read more.

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Finding Self-Respect (Part 3)

An illustrated essay about coping with your emotions

There is a certain popular line of thinking as to how one should deal with difficult feelings: "Pull yourself together. Keep a stiff upper lip. Tough it out, and walk it off." Read more.

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Stop Me If This Starts To Sound Familiar

Joss Whedon and Faux Feminist Sexual Harassment in the Comics Industry

Whedon talked about feminism as if it came as naturally to him as breathing -- while secretly justifying the ways he was exploiting a power dynamic to have sex with “needy” young women. Read more.

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Finding Self-Respect (Part 2)

An illustrated essay of on recognizing your value

Looking into my past, I see that one of the most important things to me was being liked by others. Read more.

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