Afternoon Snack

We don’t know how the weather is looking wherever you POMEs are, but here in Austin, Texas, it’s a dreary, rainy afternoon. Here are some sweet and savory links, longreads, and articles to peruse in a sleepy-but-content Afternoon Snack.



So ATTN POMEs!! Did you know that Boss Crone Rachel Weiss has a new comic coming out from the mobile indie comics publisher Stela? The comic is called Love Run Riot and you can purchase it over at your friendly neighbhorhood Apple Store by downloading the Stela Unlimited app. We are all very excited about this and can’t recommend it highly enough. Get a taste of what you can look forward to in Love Run Riot by reading this interview with Adam Smith, the comic’s writer.



In some interesting science news this afternoon, some scientists think that humpback whales have altruistic tendencies, as they are willing to risk their own necks saving other sea creatures from the hungry jaws of marauding orcas.



Someday, when POMEmag has its own swanky downtown office, we’ll have all the rose gold office supplies. In the meantime, we’ll just keep on salivating over lists of all the coolest rose gold versions of things.



Have y’all checked out President Obama’s summer playlist? There’s some good stuff in here.



In other important news: a bunch of former Toasties have put together a summertime Space Witch retreat for August 2017. You can RSVP to SpaceWitch Retreat at this time, so get your tickets now!



These super-cool temporary tattoos also function as wearable touchscreens, which is either/both useful and neat, and/or deeply unsettling and indicative of the impending singularity. They’re really gorgeous though, so we welcome these upgrades to our primitive organic forms.



In praise of period underwear brand Thinx’s bizarre PR emails — I mean, how could you not enjoy receiving an email like this one, squirrelfrans?


Hey squirrelfran,

Wanted to give you the deets on our SECOND installment of our #gendergap happy hour! You know how women get paid 78 cents less than men in the US because of the #patriarchy!? Well, April’s event was so successful that we’re doin’ it & doin’ it & doin’ it again at Pinks in the East Village where women pay 78 cents on the dollar for their dranks! It’s our lil’ way of stickin’ it to the man while slurpin’ up some alch.


Thinx, if any feminist internet magazine can appreciate bizarro internet robots, it’s us, so hit us up!



Do y’all have any tasty, delicious links you’ve been munching on this week? Leave us some reading recs in the comments!


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Afternoon Snack

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