Afternoon Snack

Happy Monday, everybody! It’s a beautiful day here at Crone HQ, so here are all the links and articles that kept us busy indoors through the Great Rainy Onslaught of Mid August 2016. If you need us, we’ll be thinking about going outside.



This oral history of “Smooth” is truly the greatest longread of our time.


Santana: I heard Rob’s demo. I hated it. Yes, it evoked a deep sense of sultry horn-doggedness which was good, but I thought, This song will bring eternal shame to my name and to the names of my heirs. In the original version there were no lyrics but “Smooth/smooth smooth/smooth smoooooth/Smooth!” I was unimpressed. But the angel and the demon that lived in my house both liked it, and they never agreed on anything. The demon’s name was Asmodeus, Prince of Revenge. He had three heads and a serpent’s tail. The angel’s name was Frank and he looked like an American guy.




So Marvel says that 40% of their readers are female and they are cool with that (and so are we). Also Squirrel Girl is great and you should probably go read it right now.



Excited about Hidden Figures, y’all




Reductress did the lord’s work last week and featured a whole bunch of articles about rape and rape culture and our garbage world that is 2 enmeshed in both of those things. But take it from an actual witch, witch hunts and getting mad at rapists on the internet are not the same thing. See this robo-femsplaining android for more information.



Oh Texas, you beautiful villain in an 80s movie; you Scooby Doo baddie that just had its mask removed and was a rich old white dude the whole time.



How can we care more about some old racist, transphobic, and sexist imperial idea of “woman” than about the lives of these actual women?


Today in “how is this still a thing in 2016 for the fucking love of god” news: Sex testing at the Olympics is trash.



Man eats 4 pot brownies, hurls misogynist slurs at cat.



Get onboard with (go overboard for?) this rad fat mermaid charity zine!

(sorry for bad puns, but not that sorry)



What were y’all reading and thinking about while avoiding last week’s gross ass weather? Hit us up with some reading recs for the next time we’re rained in.

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