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Happy Harvest Moon, everybody! September is in full swing and we’re barreling headlong into fall. Here are some links and articles to keep you company as you watch the leaves (start thinking about) changing color.






Hauntwell is a cool, witchy brand with sigil-based apparel run by friend-of-the-coven Jenny Gacy. The Hauntwell fall/winter 2016 lookbook is out, and we encourage y’all to take a look and scoop up all of your autumnal crone couture ASAP!



Photo via Hauntwell fall/winter 2016 lookbook



Some major comics news — Jennifer Walters (formerly She-Hulk) will be the new Hulk going forward, and Mariko Tamaki of Skim and The One Summer will be the writer on her new series.



As many of you may have heard, for-profit college scam ITT Tech is closing its doors! Unfortunately, current students’ educational futures are anything but secure. Wishing the best for all these folks going forward.



Do you ever watch a horror movie and think, “how could these people not know they were going to literally get haunted to death?” Apparently people irl are just as bad at being genre-savvy as the people who buy all those haunted houses in horror movie.



omg Ivanka just stahp



That’s all we’ve got this week! Drop us a line in the comments with whatever you’ve been reading and watching this week!

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