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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, POMEs: Welcome to October! Let’s take a break from all the election coverage to spend some time enjoying good news for five dang minutes of our lives. Here are a few autumnal links and articles to warm your spirit this lovely Monday afternoon.



Some hot updates to the archaeological record: two Chinese skeletons were recently excavated in London.



POME aesthetic in a nutshell:



A new article for all of us who are continually pouring one out (and by “pouring one out,” we mean “eternally weeping”) for The Toast: a ballad of the friendship between Mallory Ortberg and Nicole Cliffe.



We’re ASSUMING y’all have been hotly following the career of Babymetal: a J-pop girl band / metal hybrid that took the world by storm with their 2014 hit “Gimme Chocolate!!”



Well Babymetal is going cross-platform and will star in an animated series?? Whatever; we’re super into it.



Luminary comics editor and #1 IRL hero of 1/4 POME crones Karen Berger is returning to comics!!! Berger led DC’s Vertigo imprint for about 20 years, from its inception in 1993 until 2012, when she left due to creative differences. Berger’s editorial influence was critical to the development of noteworthy series like Sandman, Transmetropolitan, and Y the Last Man. Berger is now working with Image on a new series called Surgeon X. [dancing lady emojis intensify]



What are y’all doing to celebrate the changing of the seasons? Drop your recommended reading links below!


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