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Oh my goddess the election is tomorrow and we are just over here quietly freaking out about it. Join us in trying to wade through this nonsense world and get through these last waning anxious hours by diving straight into the internet and forsaking all else.



It’s sad/terrible/good to know that both feminist and anti-feminist memes are nothing new – illustrations and postcards from the age of our suffragist ancestors prove that people can be terrible and brilliant in equal measure when it comes to women’s rights, no matter the time period.


Wow, the actual worst.
Wow, the actual worst. “Election Day,” published by the Dunston-Weiler Lithograph Company in 1909, features a woman leaving her family to vote. A caption reads: “What is a suffragette without a suffering household?” (Catherine H. Palczewski Postcard Archive / University of Northern Iowa)



Right now, we are all Tom Kohler in this photo, trying to be very like “I’m not with this guy, I swear” about it.


Getty Images
Getty Images



In better news, The Hamilton Mixtape is coming out on December 2nd and we are so thankful because we really just needed something to look forward to right now.






Aside from Rose of Winter, this Seinfeld dating sim is the other otome game we all needed in our lives.





This Slay The Vote photoshoot is all we needed to get through the grueling hours of today and tomorrow.



Well friends, tomorrow is the day. Even if we don’t have the first Madam President of the United States, at least this seemingly never-ending electoral hellscape will finally be over.



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