Afternoon Snack

The world keeps turning, and as the trees lose their leaves and the days get shorter, we continue to bring you that Afternoon Snack to get you through your day. Dive in to the best (and worst) things we found this week.



Ford is using our intense Sailor Moon nostalgia to sell us cars and what is this world coming to??



ATTN ALL PEOPLE – a call to action, a few suggestions for what you can to do help in our post-election nightmare town.



In case you don’t know him, Trungles is one of the smartest dudes on the internet – so when he writes about Ghost in the Shell and cultural appropriation, it’s a good idea to listen.



Friend of POME Camille is selling these “Pretty Brown And Nerdy” shirts until December 5th!



You may have heard that Mike Pence attended a showing of Hamilton last night, and that the cast had something to say directly to the VP-elect. You may have also heard that Trump turned to twitter to demand an apology from the cast. Regarding all of that, let us just point you to this article about Trump using this as a way to deflect attention from his various other terrible things (Trump U settlement, racist appointments, etc.)



No matter how you feel about the Standing Rock protesters, this video of them getting blasted by water cannons in sub-zero temperatures defies human decency. This is America.



As the world watches while Trump selects the cream of the deplorable crop for his cabinet appointments, Matt Lubchansky has done us all a solid and put together this handy guide for knowing your Republican ghouls.



That’s all for this week. Look out for each other, friends.


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