Afternoon Snack

Happy holidays and post-holidays, POMEs! Whether you’re spending the day at home with friends and family, or spending it at work with friends and colleagues, we’re here to help you wile the day away with a festive Afternoon Snack.



We were simply having a wonderful Deep Space Nine yesterday and we hope you had one too.




Megan Purdy of Women Write About Comics wrote a lovely piece about hand-lettering in Ashley Franklin’s The Ghost Dream, which ran right here on POMEmag during last month’s Seance Week!




As many of you know, Carrie Fisher (aka General Leia Organa) suffered a massive heart attack on Friday. However, earlier today, her mom reported that Fisher is currently in stable condition. We’re hoping she makes a full recovery soon.



This beautifying face filter app has us going off the rails on a shoujo nightmare train (heh).



The headline we need but don’t deserve to close out 2016: Janelle Monáe is Just Literally Wearing Googly Eyes In Her Hair Now.



A slightly old link, but a precious reminder that anybody can be a fujoshi, courtesy of an A+++ stylish fujoshi.



That’s all we’ve got, POMEs! If you need us, we’ll be sleeping off all the cookies/tamales we ate too many of. Got any reading recommendations for stuff we left out? Drop us some suggestions in the comments! We wish you a (belated) merry Cronemas and an extra-witchy new year!


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