Afternoon Snack

After a weekend of both depressing and uplifting events, we give you some bits of internet that really sustained us. We hope you find some comfort in them too.


So many of us were given the label of “tomboy” growing up, and this interesting look at the history and future of the label points out many of the complexities that mold children as they grow through adolescence.



The rising popularity of bullet journaling is such an interesting phenomenon – from BuJo instagram posts to finding ways to infuse your most mundane tasks with meaning, there’s something appealing for anybody looking to organize their life as a new year rolls out.



Yuri!!! on Ice is so great and, surprising nobody, so are the women in it! For a show that focuses so much on male relationships, it’s incredibly impressive that the women are also presented as fully-fledged, interesting characters who insist on their own independence and needs.



This Buddhist monk is also a make-up artist and he’s so kind and our hearts all collectively exploded.



Inauguration Day was a rough day for many of us, but for sexual assault survivors the pain they once experienced is resurfacing anew.

But it is the fault of half the electorate that a man who remorselessly boasted of sexual assault was today inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, sending the message that nothing stands in the way of a sexual predator when others do not fight back against rape culture. The subtext of his slogan might as well have been, “Make America Rape Again.”



If crowdfunding is something you like to do, be sure to keep an eye out for FEMME MAGNIFIQUE – a comics anthology that will tell the stories of women who toppled the status quo, by many of the biggest hitters in the comics biz.



Let’s embrace some of the weirder things that 2016 brought us – namely, let’s embrace My Horse Prince and it’s unending weirdness.


What draws us along is the promise of more weirdness to come. It builds on itself, constantly pushing your threshold for what weird really is. Is it a human-faced horse? Is it that same human-faced horse on a surfboard, cutting green onions, performing at a rock concert?




~*~ swoon ~*~



Here is a long, but good read about Ina Garten, and the seemingly magical culinary sway she holds.



As we close our Afternoon Snack, we are emboldened by all the amazing voices that were raised this past weekend, and also by the unending weirdness that 2017 continues to provide. Thanks, y’all, you’re the best.


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