Afternoon Snack


Happy Galentine’s Day, POMEs! Here are some midday links and articles to snack on (waffles not included; sorry, y’all).



You know what’s raining on our Galentine’s this year? This, uh, headscratcher from the Grammys.




BUT, I mean, also, this bright spot in a vast and unfeeling galaxy:



Samurai Jack is back!!!!




Since we missed the boat on buying IRL Stars Hollow a few years back, we’ll be saving up all our cash to purchase the Gray Gardens house and living our best crone lives.



One of the most disappointing pieces of news of our time: Mr. Darcy not nearly as handsome as we imagined he’d be.



In an era of reliving the most lurid parts of 90s pop culture (thanks, Ryan Murphy), this haunting, surprisingly touching longread about the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith is impossible to put down.




Melissa McEwan  of Shakesville on what Hillary Clinton may or may not owe us right now:

And what, pray tell, do you expect her to do, anyway? Crash the confirmation hearings? She’s not a sitting Senator anymore. That’s not the way it works. Show up at a protest, dragging the Secret Service with her, constantly on the lookout for people who sent her death threats; chanted that she should be locked up or killed? That’s not the way it works, either.



On supporting immigrant colleagues through this abysmal hellscape we live in now.



Get hype for Janet Mock’s new book!! Surpassing Certainty will hit bookstores this summer.



One hopeful sign through this hell we all share: from Utah to Texas, conservative politicians are finding it harder and harder to hide from constituents they disagree with (read: have built their careers on ignoring and disenfranchising).



If you need us, we’ll be eating breakfast foods for the rest of the day. Hope y’all are able to treasure the #1 babes in your life today, and see y’all here next week!

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