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Happy Monday, POMEs! Come on over and take a seat for another lovely Afternoon Snack of mid-day links and articles to help you power through your week.



Last week, the USS POME guided us through the galaxy during Space Week: a week of outer space-themed articles, comics, and reviews. You can check out the full Space Week lineup here.



In the spirit of Space Week, we present to you: Totally Fuckable Aliens — Cards Against Organics Humanity: Mass Effect edition.



An interesting look at how anti-fascist furries are fighting fascism within the furry community.



Hagatha and Hagnes are pretty great Witch Names for your future progeny, but have you considered drawing from the steeped history of actual badass women who were wronged by 15th and 16th century witch hunts? This article also includes a handful of delightful names for your demonic familiars future pets, too.


Image courtesy of Buzzfeed, via Wikipedia



“The aesthetics of the alt-right, I would say, could involve anime.”

On the “alt-right” “weeb” army.


Initial thoughts on this article:


  1. Ron Paul did this first in 2012 and it was a better meme back then.
  2. We had a good run, but anime’s over everybody; let’s go home.



Science witches are working on color-changing hair dye, so we can all live our best Tonks lives in this hellscape we all share.



A short but sweet read about why gerrymandering is literally our number one obstacle in the path of having a fair and representative democracy.



A celebration of Roxane Gay.



The Beyoncé Tarot is a gift from the Triple Goddess, and also every other deity, too.



The only Pope we want to talk about right now is New Pope. He may not have a kangaroo, but as your friendly neighborhood crones are a group of (mostly/incredibly) lapsed/former Catholics, we’re finding this IRL Vatican drama pretty doggone cathartic.



That’s all we’ve got for now, POMEs! See y’all here for another round of links and articles next week.

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