Announcing the POMEmag Patreon

Here at POMEmag, we enjoy reaching into the ethereal void and pulling out macabre articles and ominous listicles for your entertainment. Are you looking for ways to help POME extend our withered, gnarled claws further into your life? Do you want to support enterprising, content-creating crones? If so, we’re excited to announce that you can now pledge your support — and your cash — to the POMEmag Patreon.

As a POMEmag patron, you can gain access to auspicious horoscopes, extra doodles and articles we didn’t get the chance to publish. You’ll also be able to vote on our upcoming merchandise, or get a ~*~ handwritten letter ~*~ about how wonderful you are. And at the very least, you can cash in on some A++ crone blessings.

This month, our $3/month-tier patrons can look forward to a peek at all the Mass Effect blingees that CC sent Rachel leading up to Mass Effect Andromeda, along with a few other cool odds and ends. We look forward to delivering all that delightfully spooky content and more to you, our lovely supporters.

If we hit our stretch goals, we’ll be rolling out a Patreon-exclusive ongoing crone detective mystery series and a sticker club. And if we hit our final stretch goal, we’ll be able to raise our rate for all POMEmag contributors.

So…check out our Patreon and join our coven!

(And if you’re looking for a less-regular way to get involved, you can also check out some more info on how to support POME.)

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