Announcing the brand-new POME Store!

Did your latest prosperity spell work a little too well? Do you enjoy friendship, cute stuff, comics, the color pink, or most importantly, #content? The brand-new POME Store is here to help you put your money where your tender feels are!

Our crones-behind-the-scenes have been working late nights over a hot cauldron to bring POME to not just the corporeal realm, but straight to your doorstep. We’re starting small with some charming enamel pomegranate pins and a beautifully printed collection of our POMEsgiving recipe comics cookbook. But we’ve already got our third eyes steadfastly trained on the future, and we hope to expand our offerings in the coming months.

Your mother was right: this website doesn’t grow on trees. We need your support to keep thanking our brilliant, hardworking Cronies for their contributions, but we also want to give you something fun and pretty to show for it. Check out our new store and tell us what you think!


Pomegranate Magazine

Pomegranate Magazine

POMEmag is the internet’s premier pastel, macabre feminist dork publication. Or at least, a very pastel, macabre feminist dork publication that is leaning into that identity pretty hard.

Romance Roundtable #52: Classmates

Today we’re covering Volumes 1 and 2 of Asumiko Nakamura’s Classmates: a sweet boys’ love manga about two extremely teenaged boys falling for each other and figuring things out about themselves along the way.

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