Alejandra Martinez

Alejandra Martinez is a Tejana archivist, writer, and scholar. When she's not thinking about preservation and access, you can find her reading a good book, watching a David Lynch film, or writing about pop-culture at your local coffee shop.




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A Brief Ranking of (some of) the Worst Boyfriends/Husbands in Horror

Horror films have an outstanding, seemingly never-ending supply of shitty men at their disposal. Serial Killers? Check. Sadists? Oh, yeah. Apathetic weirdos who lead their significant others into abject chaos? Yup, you bet. Yes, just like the real world, the men of horror can be disappointing (to say the least).

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Five Movies to Watch When the World’s Got You Down

When I find myself in a slump, one of the most comforting (and effective) courses of action I take is simple: I get into my comfiest pair of sweatpants and oversized shirt, grab a blanket and pillow, and put on a feel-good movie of my choice.

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The Summer Goth Style Guide

Whoever said everyone wants to be bright and cheery this summer? Sure, some people love the colorful styles and bold choices that come with warmer

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