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POMEmag is the internet’s premier pastel, macabre feminist dork publication. Or at least, a very pastel, macabre feminist dork publication that is leaning into that identity pretty hard.

Group Chat Kickstarter Recap

Next steps for our big comics anthology project -- and what we learned along the way.

Afternoon Snack

Secret cats, friendship rpgs, and books to read

Afternoon Snack

Tiny trees and Dirty Computers to bring you into a new week

Throwback Thursday: April 2018

A journey through the Aprils past

Group Chat Sneak Preview

A special first look for all our favorite POMEs

Afternoon Snack

The wholesome content we crave

Afternoon Snack

A spooky book and a tiny staircase

Announcing the Group Chat Kickstarter

Throw Money At This Kickstarter: Meta Edition

Afternoon Snack

Keep it fierce, follow your dreams, read good comics

Afternoon Snack

Springtime links for your Monday afternoon

Throwback Thursday: March 2018

Hot Content & Where To Find It

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