Romance Roundtable: Learn to Draw Edition! Morgana & Oz

Your POMEcrones are long-time lovers of witches, and especially comics about witches—including! Morgana and Oz by Miyuli! The story of star-crossed love between a young witch still getting a hold on her magical powers and an angsty vampire from the rival clan. It’s got everything you could want! Namely: cat boyfriend.

Miyuli’s art is So Beautiful, and we had so much fun with Learn to Draw Boyfriends. that when we found out that Webtoon was releasing a Learn to Draw book for Morgana and Oz, we thought it would be a fun to do it again!

Let’s get into it!

Ashley: MARTHA

a side-by-side comparison between the character Martha from the Learn to Draw: Morgana & Oz book and the drawing done by Ashley

Once again, I felt very in touch with my adolescent self as I worked on doing the matriarch of this witch clan justice. Is the likeness perfect? No. Is the anatomy on-model? Also no!! But I think I can safely say this is a recognizable human figure, which I absolutely could not have achieved without Miyuli’s steps. 

Even though I consider myself the most bobo at drawing of our little coven, I’m pretty pleased with this outcome! I’m a little obsessed with Martha’s background, so I’m glad I was able to capture a bit of her badass attitude. Learning how to render the drape of the fabric, and coloring on paper with my little dorky pencil set, were my favorite parts. Though I do think I could have gotten a more perfect reproduction of Martha with digital tools (which make it easier to erase mistakes and sketch layers), there is something to be said for respecting the process and learning to love imperfection. I’ll happily just chalk up the most silly-looking features to creative cartooning.

Rachel: this makes me want to pick up traditional media!! Love the Martha energy you captured here.
CC: You really nailed her pose and attitude! I also really love the way you captured her fabric draping.
Jenny: got the badass attitude down for sure!! and i love the colored pencils—came out really beautifully!

Jenny: RORY

a side-by-side comparison between the character Rory from the Learn to Draw: Morgana & Oz book and the drawing done by Jenny

I love Rory, but proportions are hard, man! I definitely found these full body human proportions (as opposed to our prior escapades with chibis) to be a challenge. This learn-to-draw guide definitely does a good job breaking down the steps—especially when it comes to things like hands and fabric folds. And the pre-tutorial explanations really helped me out a lot! Though for me, at least, I think it helps that any multitude of sins can be covered by a big puffy coat.

Rachel: my fave thing about this “how to draw” is the guidelines for the feet/shoes! Those are tough appendages, even in a normal standing pose, but those guides are so helpful! And we love a no-sock loafer prince 
CC: big fan of his sharp little tooth! And the juxtaposition of his severe expression and the soft, fluffy lining of his jacket hood. Stay cozy in there king.
Ashley: I love the way you did the color layer here, I don’t know why but it really accentuates the vibe Rory has of a guy you always run into at the 7-11 who seems kind of shady but is really just bored waiting for his one friend to get off shift. Y’know????


a side-by-side comparison between the character Morgana from the Learn to Draw: Morgana & Oz book and the drawing done by CC

To be completely honest with y’all, this might be the best thing I’ve ever drawn and it’s all thanks to Miyuli’s awesome guide. As with our take on Boyfriends last week, I didn’t have a good way to color this piece, so I did my best with pens. I kinda wish I wouldn’t have gone so heavy duty with my crosshatching attempt, but all things considered as a non-artist I’m happy with how it turned out. 

Rachel: this off-the-shoulder sweater look is so cozy!! God and the little bow at the collar?? This is just A+ witchy design! Also imo the crosshatching looks great!
Jenny: CC this looks so good!! Fabric is hard and you’ve really nailed it!
Ashley: honestly I firmly put myself in the “more is more” camp. I love really physically seeing all the work that went into creating something! And the pen drawing really suits Morgana I think!

Rachel: Oz

a side-by-side comparison between the character Oz from the Learn to Draw: Morgana & Oz book and the drawing done by Rachel

Oz gives off bratty punk vibes which really appeals to both me as a teen and me as a 35-year-old. The lesson for me here is lean into your aesthetic as hard as you want to, nobody can tell you what to do!! Also big boots and jeans that are tight on the thigh and baggy at the shins is such a vibe.

CC: oz looks sharp enough to cut yourself on & I super dig it. Pigeon resistant apparel. Into it.
Jenny: fingerless gloves! spiked epaulets on your leather jacket! That’s fashion baybee!!
Ashley: the way those jeans are perfectly tailored to look thrifty and devil-may-care, and yet somehow conform perfectly to the waist and thighs?? Chef’s kiss!

Miyuli, if you’re reading this, you are very talented and also really good at explaining stuff and also we love you! The Learn to Draw Morgana and Oz book that we used comes out on April 16th, 2024, along with a Morgana and Oz Coloring Book. Both make excellent gifts and can be purchased at the here or at the publisher’s website!

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Jenny Mott

Jenny Mott

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