Content Update

Dear POMEs, 

Last Tuesday, after a weekend of uprisings all over the country demanding justice for the state-sanctioned killings of Black people, we put a pause on our regular content. We wanted to take a week to focus exclusively on collating and disseminating resources for supporting this movement, and amplifying Black and dissenting voices. 

As we anticipated at the time, one week hasn’t been long enough for us to feel ready to go back to our usual light-hearted, crone-toned brand of posting. We still feel that it’s our responsibility to use our small platform to amplify and support the ongoing Movement for Black Lives in whatever way we can, and we want to continue that work. With that said, here’s our plan:

  • This month, all of the proceeds from digital sales in our Gumroad shop will be donated to the Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund.
  • We will continue adding as much news and information as we can to our Afternoon Snack resource post.
  • For the time being, any upcoming content we run on the POMEmag website will be focused on a variety of ways to support the movement and each other as a community, combat injustice, and dismantle systems of oppression.
  • We are also seeking pitches that are relevant and supportive of the current movement. Learn more about submissions here.

We’ve got other stuff we can’t wait to share with you — from our usual goofy content to other ways to stay well-informed and involved. Take care of yourselves and each other!

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