Cryptid Style Guide

We’ve all been there — one day, all of a sudden, it seems that the closets from which we pick and choose our daily Looks have grown stale. Even that trusted tee shirt, that plaid flannel, those beloved sweatpants get old after a while. When you want to switch up your style, it’s always a good idea to put yourself out there and take risks. Maybe even get a little….adventurous.

Sure, there’s the tried and true methods of flipping through magazines or curating Pinterest idea boards, but emulating something paranormal has far greater staying power — who doesn’t want to be mysterious every now and then?

So, for your consideration, here are three cryptids whose style is worth imitating any day.


Bigfoot — Boho Bold

Cryptid Style Guide -- bigfoot

From their first sightings, Bigfoot has become an icon within the American imagination. They’ve also become an icon of evergreen style. Though there are only a few photographs of the creature in existence, they all make one thing clear — this cryptid keeps things earthy and warm.

To put your best (and biggest) foot forward when following in this biped’s path, pair forest green leggings with an understated black top. Worn leather boots provide practical wear in muddy environments. Accessorizing with a fur coat, chartreuse nails, and a sandalwood based fragrance makes for an unforgettable homage to an unforgettable cryptid.


Mothman — Not Your Mom’s Goth Phase

Cryptid Style Guide -- mothman

Anyone familiar with Mothman’s mythology knows this one basic truth: the creature wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but pitch black attire. With monochromatic looks becoming more and more popular in recent years, there’s no better time to channel Mothman, the most Goth cryptid in American memory.

Mystify random bystanders with nothing but the best designer pants (Balenciaga, anyone?), shirts, and standard creepers — all ink black of course. Stun your victims even further by using bold makeup choices (the colors in that Kat Von D palette are sure to pop). Accessorize with a tasteful sun hat, honorary moth brooch, and red sunglasses, and you’re giving Mothman a run for their money.

El Chupacabra — Fierce (and Classy!!) as Heck

Cryptid Style Guide -- el chupacabra

I’m not talking about your fave, giant-margarita-serving bar in Downtown Austin, I’m talking about its namesake: El Chupacabra. If you speak Spanish, you’ve probably figured out what this cryptid’s deal is (sucking the blood out of goats). That being said, if there’s one thing this cryptid doesn’t suck at, it’s having a unique Look.

Reports vary, but there’s often mention of long spikes along the back of the creature. Channel your inner chupacabra by donning your own spikes on a sick leather jacket paired with a tasteful gray turtleneck, distressed jeans, and blood red boots. Instead of crawling through a dusty stable in the middle of the night, searching for your victims, simply enjoy the blood of your enemies (or coffee!) in a cute goat-themed mug.



No matter which paranormal entity you choose to take inspiration from, you’re sure to turn some heads and start some eternal rumors about your existence in these Looks. Is there a better way to deal with 2017 than channeling the pure, uninhibited power of these supernatural creatures with cute aesthetics? Perhaps their power can help us power through the rest of this year with class, dignity, and a whole lot of mystery.

Alejandra Martinez

Alejandra Martinez

Alejandra Martinez is a Tejana writer and archivist. She has been published in The Texas Observer, Pomegranate Magazine, and We Got This Covered. You can often find her reading a good book, watching a movie, or writing at your local coffee shop.

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