Cryptid Style Guide

So, you want to dress like an unknowable, intangible creature? You've come to the right place.

We’ve all been there -- one day, all of a sudden, it seems that the closets from which we pick and choose our daily Looks have grown stale. Read more.


Riverdale Roundtable: “Nighthawks”

Jingle Jangle-induced Heterosexuality

Today we’re talking about the second episode of Season 2: “Nighthawks.” Come for the jingle jangle; stay for the jingle jangle; everything is jingle jangle and nothing hurts. Read more.


QUIZ: Design Your Ideal Witch House and We’ll Tell You How You’re Going To Die

Macabre Interior Decorating At Its Finest

Every crone need a home of one's own. Take this quiz to reveal your ideal witch house, and also to learn the secrets of your eventual demise. Read more.


13 Completely Necessary Mermaid Accessories for Summer

Embrace a mermaid aesthetic this year...or else

If land people everywhere don’t incorporate the maximum amount of mermaids into our summer essentials, the whole season is literally cancelled. Flip-flops and snow cones aren’t going to cut it, alright? The sea goddess Salacia is watching, and she must be appeased. Read more.


New Moon Masquerade

Our big masquerade party at The Highball

Last week, POMEmag partnered with The Audacity to throw the New Moon Masquerade: a witchy masquerade ball at The Highball here in Austin, Texas. Read more.


CroneCrate Unboxing: October 2016

We’re so #hexed to receive the October installment of our monthly honorary CroneCrate subscription! Join us for a spooky #unboxing to scope out this CroneCrate under the light of a waning supermoon. Read more.

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