DIY Characters: A Comic How-To

Sam walks through how they use creating characters to understand their feelings, fears, and dreams!

Why do you need characters? Use them for telling your stories! Express yourself! Make comics, novels, anything you want. An amazing way is to personify your fears, anxieties, hopes, and dreams! Understand them better!
Comic, stories, & more! Journal through art!
Think about yourself, and your feelings. What feelings do you want to explain?

What shapes do you feel? Spiky? Slimy? Fluffy? Wiggly?

What colors do you feel? Blue? Passionate? Bright? Colorful? Dull?
I feel smoky and blue... let's give it a shape!

Do you feel judged? Or invisible? Choose and pick characteristics. Be creative! Take inspiration from things you like! It's like playing a dress up game!
Now time to assemble! Play around with your ideas!

Hmm... I want smokey, blue, a big character with cool shoes.

Amazing! Character making is fun and gets easier with practice. Practice your styles! Add detail, make stories!
You can make character sheets to remember details!

Make characters, have fun!


Heyo, I am Sam! I love playing with colours and characters!
Xenomorph from the 1979 film Alien

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