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Buttercup’s How To: Dry and Preserve Herbs

Garden magic to preserve herbs for all your soothing herbs, balms, and poultices

Drying out your herbs after harvesting is a great way to preserve the plants for future use. Plus, drawing the water out leaves your herbs way more condensed and potent. Read more.

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Tips for the Deskbound Witch

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Workspace More Magical

Enchant your workspace with an informal altar, color magic, encouraging sigils, and scent charms. Read more.

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A Ritual for Summoning Your Muse

This ritual is for all my creative witches & wizards, my magical artists, writers, & cartoonists. Get ready to summon your muse! Read more.


13 Hexes For Friday The 13th

Curses that also just seem like bad luck

It’s Friday the 13th, in October no less — the rare day when normies and mortals decide to believe in superstition. Truly it is the perfect smokescreen to make good on any grudges you’ve been holding onto all year. Read more.

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13 Self-Care Tips for Boss Witches & Crones

To be your best witch, self-care needs to come first. Here are 13 self-care tips for boss witches that will have you re-energized and ready for hexing. Read more.

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Announcing Boss Witch Week

How to Live Your Best Crone Life

Sweep away the cobwebs from your hearth & from your mind, coven -- it’s time for Boss Witch Week. Read more.

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6 Ingenious Makeup Storage Tips for Extremely Lazy Slobs

Lazy Doofus Beauty Guide, Volume 2

These 6 resourceful, space-saving DIY makeup storage tips will help you justify holding onto all that jank-ass makeup so long that your family eventually buries you with it. Read more.


How to Host Your Own Ladies’ Home Séance — For Reals!

(For Fakes)

It’s Séance Week, and what better way to commemorate that fact than by hosting your very own Ladies’ Home Séance? Read more.

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How To Remove Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner or Die Trying

A Lazy Doofus Beauty Guide

Are you looking for the perfect beauty tool to tell the world “I want to look super cute for six hours and then spend the rest of the week looking like the ghost of a seasick raccoon?” Well look no further, because waterproof liquid eyeliner is here for you. Liquid eyeliner can help you achieve that fierce Bad Bitch Sailor Moon Villain aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of -- until you decide to take it off because as it turns out, that waterproof, semi-permanent face goop isn’t going anywhere. But no worries: I’m here to help you master a technique to get all that junk off your face (or at least upwards of 40% of it). Read more.

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