DIY Collage: A Comic How-To

Sam walks us through their process for making collage comics — time to get crafty!

- Sponge or brushes
- Scissors
- Mod podge
- Newspaper and magazines
- Glue stick and tape
- Thick paper (like cardstock)
- And other drawing supplies
Step 1: Plan your comic!
Write down your ideas!
I don't recommend too many details — just an idea of what it will be about!
Think: how many panels? What characters does it have? Plan out your speech (if you have any)
Step 2: Find parts you like and cut out with scissors or tear them with your hand! (Cut out newspaper or magazine parts)
Don't worry if you can't find what you're looking for — the fun is about creating as you go!
Make sure to keep your cutouts organized!
Step 3:
Place your cutouts on the paper
It's easier to glue them down! Make sure you don't accidently mix your cutouts... make sure there's no wind blowing the paper off!
Step 4: Glue & seal!
Make sure to glue the bottom layers first, then the top
After glue-ing, you can decorate. I like the original look, but you can sketch or paint on top. Afterwards, use Mod Podge to seal the page!
Your collage comic is complete! Enjoy, or scan and upload as well


Heyo, I am Sam! I love playing with colours and characters!
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