DIY Flipbook: A Comic How-To

Sam shows us how to make a traditional animation through a hand-drawn flipbook you make yourself. Draw a small character or scene and see how you can make them come to life!

DIY Flipbook by Dairy Sam
What is a flipbook?
Wikipedia: A booklet with a series of images that very gradually change from one page to the next, so that when pages are viewed in quick succession, the image appears to animate!
Aka, a traditional animation!
A prebound book (blank) or blank index cards
Drawing supplies
Binding supplies (stapler, brush & glue, your choice)
A light box, or window to see the image below
Plan your animation
Is it a story? Something moving, changing?
Do you have a setting?
Anything you want!
Start small for your first time.
1. Draw your first image
2. Use a window (or something with light coming through) and use the next page to draw the next slide (only 2 pages at a time!)
Something that changes but not too much! You can make the animation smooth or slower depending how much movement per page!
3. Continue adding slides till you're satisfied.
4. Ink and colour in details!
Order them together!
Bind them (how you want!)
If it's prebound, skip this step!
Staple papers or glue the sides of paper, cardboard as cover, and cut
Finished! Flip away!
Place thumb on papers and forefinger below to control the speed of flipping!
User other hand to catch the pages.
Let go of one page at a time and enjoy your animation come to life!


Heyo, I am Sam! I love playing with colours and characters!

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