Dog Review: LT



Despite her poor choice in football teams (a la her Kansas City Chiefs jersey), LT (LaDania Tomlinson) is a sweet, cuddly pup and a highly-recommended addition to any home. LT is a five-year-old terrier mixed with a whole lot of cute and kooky. She’s a shelter dog which means she came with a few… quirks. She’s been known to hide in some strange places and assert herself at the least opportune times, but her adorable sleeping face makes up for it all. 




It’s not uncommon to find LT in strange places. She’s particularly fond of bookcases, but she’s also been found in cabinets, under the bed, in the back of a closet, in an entertainment center, and in a bathtub. I’ve lost her more than once in my house only to find her tucked away, not giving a shit that I’m panicking. Some dog owners may not like this unexpected game of hide-and-seek, but I think it adds a lot of flavor to everyday life.  



LT generally does whatever the hell she wants. That may bother some people, but honestly, I appreciate a dog who can assert herself. Unless she wants to get in my car after lying in the mud. That’s not happening.




When she’s not lying in the mud or hiding in weird places, LT appreciates a good nap. Much like Murphy, she reaches maximum cuteness when she’s sleeping. Prepare yourself for overwhelming adorableness.







There have been times where LT has managed to combine her love of weird places and sleeping. This is a once-in-a-lifetime talent that can only be found in a once-in-a-lifetime dog.




This reviewer can admit to being a bit biased. LT is Murphy’s BFF and possible soulmate. (We’ll never know for sure since neither has successfully humped the other.) These two buddies accept one another and have been known to play for hours.






LT is one amazing pup with lots of cuteness and lots of weird habits. I highly recommend her to anyone who enjoys epic snuggles while spending their Sundays watching mediocre football teams. 98 out of 5 Crones.


(PS:  If you’re looking for a dog like LT to fill that void in your life that only a sweet pup can, please visit your local shelter. You will find so many amazing dogs — or cats if that’s more your bag — that it will be hard to only take home one!)





Brittney Martinez

Brittney Martinez

Brittney is a big femmy feminist who loves books. Like, really loves books. She's also a psychology nerd who is silently diagnosing you during conversations. When not in her armchair, she loves hanging out with her boy toy and her pup.

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