Dog Review: Murphy


Murphy is a six-year-old German Shepard. He was adopted through a local German Shepard rescue and has been in our family for almost two years. While the majority of his personality is strong, he does lack in certain areas that may be concerning to other dog reviewers.




Murphy has endless opportunities to be cute. One of the cutest things he does is shade himself from the light in order to take a nap. He’ll cover himself in a blanket, hide behind the back of a couch, and even bury his face in a pillow so he can catch up on his beauty rest. The lengths he’ll go to for ultimate comfort is something to be admired.




Another strong cuteness attribute to Murphy is how he sleeps. Once he finds that ultimate comfort spot, he sleeps like a baby. When he gets going, you can hear a faint (and sometimes not so faint) snoring. Murphy’s sleep habits have been the subject of many adorable pictures. (see below)










Now, Murphy has his struggles just like any other dog. Some (AKA those who aren’t his mother) may see them as faults. For example, he likes to lay down to eat. This has bred more than a few choking incidents, but I hesitate to call this a negative attribute. I mean, it’s really frickin’ cute.




Murphy has also been know to eat your pizza if you leave it alone. When you interrogate him about it, he answers you by sticking out his tongue. Other reviewers may not be able to tolerate such behavior. Other reviewers also may be wrong.




Murphy may not be the dog for everyone, but his good qualities certainly outweigh the bad. And if you ever get super frustrated with his pizza thievery or strange eating habits, a good snuggle from the Murph-Murph is just want you need.






105 out of 5 crones

Would recommend to everyone


Brittney Martinez

Brittney Martinez

Brittney is a big femmy feminist who loves books. Like, really loves books. She's also a psychology nerd who is silently diagnosing you during conversations. When not in her armchair, she loves hanging out with her boy toy and her pup.
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