Fantasy Was Less Relaxing Than I’d Hoped

The author, blowing bubbles and thinking to herself: "I'll just write lots of fantasy stories! So fun, and I can rest from my own worries. Genius!"
Ideas: The adventures of Detective Vending Machine! Alien tourists go on adventures, fleeing dangers and buying souvenirs! Superpowered rich teen's adventure destroys poor neighborhood! The aging hero keeps adventuring. Without monsters to slay, do they deserve to be alive—"
The bubbles pop.
The author to herself: "Wait a minute..."
Lorena Torres Loaiza

Lorena Torres Loaiza

Lorena Torres Loaiza was born in Bogota, Colombia, and grew up in Canada. She works in comics, illustration, theatre design, and fiction. Right now she's posting her first graphic novel, De La Isla, on Webtoons, and is an exploration artist at the Theatre Centre in Toronto, developing a comics-based art installation about hope. She can be found @lszian on Instagram and Twitter. She loves South American fruits, like granadillas. Someday, she wants to eat ice cream beans again (that's a real fruit. It's named perfectly).

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