Galactic Snack

IT’S THE RETURN OF SPACE WEEK. Let’s leave this doomed hunk of rock behind and explore the heavens. We’re gonna need a lot to get us through our galactic journey, so let’s start with the most important stuff – the things we saw on the internet.



This is parody is the only thing that’s made watching parts Star Wars: Episode 2 even a little bearable.



I know we already posted this amazing article about women’s healthcare and the Star Wars universe, but seriously, it’s the best.



All those rogue and alt governmental agency twitter accounts we all love? That’s the beginning of the revolution.



Our hero Dr. Varsha Jain is a space gynecologist, which is something we never knew we needed but are so so happy exists. This is the one thing all our scifi has never address – how does bleeding from your nethers even work in space????



And if you thought space menstruation was cool, wait until you hear about the competition NASA hosted to help solve the problem of space poop. And also this AMAZING graphic they made:






Looks like if the USS POME had been space-worthy in his lifetime, Winston Churchill would have been on board – the famed British Prime Minister wrote an unpublished essay in 1939 positing the oft-asked question, “Are we alone in the universe?”. His answer – a resounding “no”. Churchill wants to believe!!



Are you ready to have your mind blown??? SPACE MIGHT NOT EVEN BE REAL, Y’ALL





Now that we’re all buckled in for our journey across space and time, let’s settle in for the rest of the good stuff that we’re bringing to you this week on the USS POME!


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