GOING STEADY Lineup & Cover: A First Look

For the past several months, POMEpress has been hard at work on GOING STEADY: our brand new anthology of comics about couples who are in it together. This book is exclusively focused on stable, solid relationships — stories that show the romance of everyday, loving partnerships. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re giving you a sneak peek at this lovely and heartfelt book. We’ve fallen in love with it, and we think you will too.

We’re proud and excited that like our previous POMEpress titles, Going Steady features so many wonderful stories about queer characters by queer creators. These stories also feature relationships at different phases of life: young couples just starting to figure it out together, older partners who have weathered countless storms, and every stage in between!

We’ll start sharing preview pages soon! For now, we hope you enjoy getting the chance to check out the book’s beautiful cover and meet our contributors.

Cover Art

Without further ado, here is your very first look at Going Steady‘s beautiful cover, courtesy of the phenomenal Ariel Vittori:


Check out the creators behind Going Steady‘s 12 lovely and heartwarming stories (and see their other work or follow them at the links below!):

What’s Next?

Ready to take the next step with Going Steady? Early next month, we’ll be launching a Kickstarter to help us get this lovely book right to your door.

Stay tuned for updates — we’ll be sharing preview pages and updates here on POMEmag and on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook up to the Kickstarter launch and beyond!

(And comics reviewers: want to get a sneak peek at Going Steady? Get in touch with us at hello@pome-mag.com.)

Finally, we have one last Valentine’s Day surprise for our lovely Patrons: head on over to our Patreon today to see some earlier versions of Ariel’s gorgeous Going Steady cover. (Thanks so much to Ariel for letting us share these pieces! Each one was beautiful and we’re so excited to show them to you all now.)

We can’t wait for you to meet Going Steady. We know that you’ll fall in love at first sight.


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