Going Steady Sneak Preview

Our newest comic anthology project Going Steady is now just over 60% funded on Kickstarter! The whole POME Editorial Coven has been swooning over these stories for months now, and we can’t wait to share them with you. So, to celebrate this milestone, we’re excited to give y’all a sneak preview of each comic within Going Steady.

About Going Steady

Going Steady features twelve warm and tender comics about strong, loving partnerships. From daring exploits to quiet, intimate moments, Going Steady celebrates the romance — and fun — of sharing your life with someone special, whether your relationship is a brand new spark or an old flame.

Without further ado, here is Going Steady’s lovely comics lineup.

Failure to Connect by Dani Chuatico

Description: Both attending different universities, Tasha is a four-hour car ride away from her girlfriend, Kiki. They talk over video chat every evening — but when their call drops in the middle of a dark and stormy night, a panicking Tasha has to decide what to do!

A Mystery for the Morchella Detective Agency by Ashley Robin Franklin

Description: Wives Violet and June Morchella have run a detective agency together for years. Something strange is going on in their village — June is ready to solve the mystery, but Violet thinks that they need to slow down for once. 

The Teddy Bear by Cameron Lucente and Bo 

Description: Jack is on another fitness expo trip, but this time he’s managed to get his mechanic boyfriend, Alan, to tag along and turn it into a mini-vacation. Their planned date night soon leads them to a seaside pier theme park, where they encounter a supposedly “unwinnable” teddy bear prize…

You’re the Top! by Britt C.

Description: When their traveling home is threatened to be shut down, circus cuties Iggy and Clara lean on each other as they rally their circus family into a stunning performance to save the day! 

Ai♥telier by Yen Quach

Description: Vivi and Alice run Ai♥telier, a small fashion company with a long and well-respected history. As the deadline for an upcoming anniversary collection nears, they dodge encounters with their long-suffering assistant Friday and take a chance on a trip to re-inspire themselves.

Coni&Mari: Ghost Helpers! by Gabriela Gutiérrez

Description: Coni and Mari both possess unique supernatural abilities, and together, they help spirits stuck in our world! After hearing some reports by neighbors, they decide to investigate an abandoned house. There, they encounter a very difficult ghost… but will they be able to help them? 

To See Or Be Seen by S.E. Stohler Salty (aka E.C Ibes)

Description: To See or Be Seen follows Zosime, a sightless Grecian military general, and her wife Tanis, one of the legendary Gorgons. When the army’s unstable leader, Eupraxia, discovers Tanis’ whereabouts, she calls for a hunt. It’s up to Zosime to stop them.

First-Time Cat Parents by Cynthia Yuan Cheng 

Description: Grad students Amy and Jared have finally settled in: a nice apartment, adult furniture, and a newly adopted cat. But when midterms stress causes tensions to rise, their sweet feline baby has a surprise in store for them…

Which Witch by Michelle Gruppetta

Description: When two witches hatched an adoption scheme with a crooked farmer, little did they realize that years later, their new family would be thrown into jeopardy by that same farmer when he kidnaps their adopted daughter. The two witches must put aside their blame and panic, working together to find their child.

Fields & Floods by Salty (aka E.C Ibes)

Description: After their home is destroyed in a flood, Babke and Mien travel across the field to find a new place to live. Along the way, they receive advice and comfort from the field’s other residents.

After the War by N. Queen 

Description: In the midst of a civil war, lounge singer and spy Aspen is given a package, a deadline, and a bodyguard – her lover Mordreus. The war had separated them for nearly a year, and now the mission will test their loyalty to the war effort and to each other.

Making Time by Rachel Weiss and Carolynn Calabrese

Description: A middle-aged adventuring duo cancels their long-delayed wedding ceremony to track down an ancient demon (while making time for each other along the way).

The Going Steady Kickstarter ends on Saturday, April 4! Head on over to the Going Steady Kickstarter page to support this project, learn more, and grab your very own copy of this heartfelt book.

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