Group Chat Sneak Preview

With less than two weeks left, the Group Chat Kickstarter is now almost 80% funded! To celebrate this milestone (and to get y’all hyped up for the beautiful and heartfelt comics within this book), we proudly present a sneak preview of each Group Chat comic.


Group Chat: The Word on the Street


Before we get started with those preview pages, we have good news we just can’t hold back anymore. We sent Group Chat out to some friends of the coven and they had incredibly kind things to say!


A warm and lovely collection, brimming with up-and-coming talent.

— Kelly Sue DeConnick, Pretty DeadlyBitch Planet


I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to belong to a group as much as I have the talented Coven that Group Chat has put together. From Shape Shifting fantasy worlds, derelict spaceships full of unlikely friendships, monsters finding love through romance novels, everyday magic both literal and figurative; Group Chat is like a silhouette slowly revealing itself as a best friend you haven’t spoken to in entirely too long. Fix that, if you don’t have the courage yet, Group Chat has just the spell to cast.

— Adam Smith, Long Walk to Valhalla & LoveRunRiot


A delightful collection of the cutest possible takes about an overlooked but powerful force. The unhesitatingly relatable stories in Group Chat are sure to remind you of a friendship you hold dear.

— Kim Hoang, Love Love Hill


AAAAHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOUUUUUUU [immediately purchases 10 copies]

— A POME mom


I like the parts that have you in them.

— Another POME mom


Preview Pages


And now, the main attraction: a sneak peek at all these beautiful comics!


Buffer by Vixie Bee and Joanna Marsh

Group Chat Sneak Preview: Buffer

Description: As you face hardship, sometimes the greatest protective armor you have is the support of your friends! The care and compassion of the people we love can take the sting out of the absolute worst days, magically transforming them into something great.


Coven of Wellington Woods by Kels Choo

Group Chat Sneak Preview Coven of Wellington Woods

Description: A little witch, Acorn, discovers the power of friendship.


Shift by Rachel Weiss

Group Chat Sneak Preview Shift

Description: A shapeshifter who has a hard time controlling her form learns how to do so with the help of her friends.


Pretty Trans & Co. by stc019

Group Chat sneak preview pretty trans & co

Description: Isa and Scotty are working another sleepless night on their fashion line, Pretty Trans & Co. But the stress and exhaustion put them under a lot of pressure. They have to work it out through memories and feelings, sharing a bonding moment of intimacy and friendship.


Con Artists by Caitlin Zellers

Group Chat sneak preview con artists


Description: On impostor syndrome, making friends, and finding a place to belong.


Dungeons and Dragons and Drama by Fleur Sciortino and Michelle Gruppetta

group chat sneak preview dungeons and dragons and drama

Description: A story of how one of the players in a DnD campaign is going through a rough time and his group steps up to support him.


An Old Man Gets Beat Up in This One but He’s Okay by N. Queen

group chat sneak preview an old man gets beat up

Description: Somewhere out in the old west, an aging bounty hunter nears the end of his career as a young woman reaches the dawn of hers. The only way through it is together.


The Right Ingredients by Ashley Robin Franklin

group chat sneak preview the right ingredients

Description: When a wizard accidentally turns himself into a frog (and misses fun mini golf plans!), it’s up to his three best friends to find the right ingredients for a potion that will turn him back to normal.


Best Dressed by Lara Willard and Julia Hutchinson

group chat sneak preview best dressed

Description: An executive bails on work to support her BFF, who’s holed up in a department store dressing room after a double mastectomy leaves her feeling depressed and unattractive.


Lost and Found by Katherine Lang

group chat sneak preview lost and found

Description: In a war-torn galaxy, AI with human levels of intelligence have been mass-produced to help operate large ships. Considered expendable, many AI are abandoned, left to a lonely fate when the ships they’re installed on are destroyed. Enter Sabrina and Minerva. These space explorers have made it their mission to rescue forgotten AI, and are willing to brave any shipwreck to offer the orphans of galactic war a chance to start anew.


Tender in the Dusk by Paloma Hernando

group chat sneak preview tender in the dusk

Description: Hiding in suburbia, a monstrous creature waits for her next move. Interrupted by a neighborhood book club, she begins to see her own loneliness and growing hunger to become human.


Oh Bondage, Up Yours by Ashley Gallagher and David Tarafa

group chat sneak preview oh bondage up yours

Description: A trio of QPOC teens take down their high school’s Confederate statue on the eve of their graduation.


To Come Home by Little Corvus

group chat sneak preview to come home

Description: A young cryptid named Colin is determined to meet his best friend Pip for the first time, despite the fact that Pip has no idea of Colin’s supernatural identity.


The Faire by Vreni Stollberger

group chat sneak preview the faire

Description: Three friends make their way to the biggest fair in the land for fun, profit, and wassail!


and Greg by Carolynn Calabrese and Jen Overstreet


group chat sneak preview and greg

Description: On the eve of her greatest career challenge, Ana just can’t deal with her best friend’s boyfriend anymore.


Constellations by Gabriela Gutiérrez

group chat sneak preview constellations

Description: Bo, a young constellation-making witch, is having some trouble at school. Feeling sad, she makes a long-distance call to talk to her friend Cy, who offers to help Bo understand the connection between stars.


Circuit by Gianna Meola


group chat sneak preview circuit

Description: Three friends go on a road trip to see a band and figure out that a bad day might not really be all that bad if you’re spending it with people you care about.


Ten Strings Too Far by Kaz Rowe

Description: Danika, Pyotr and Chessa must cure a spiritual plague that is destroying their rural Russian forest. Using a kinnor imbued with magic, the three friends set off in hopes of reviving the life that once thrived there…if they could only get it to work.



You now have just 13 days to help bring Group Chat to life! Head on over to the Group Chat Kickstarter to grab a copy of your very own, or read our Group Chat write-up for more information about the project as a whole.


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