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Welcome to True Crime Week at POMEmag! We’re bringing you reviews and articles about all things TRUE CRIME – fictional True Crime, true true Crime, and everything in between.


Hello, detectives. We’ve got a bunch of on-the-record accounts for you to investigate while you kill some time this afternoon.



Harper Lee’s new book is apparently a train wreck that will destroy your childhood. This is certainly not an unexpected development, given the sketchy nature of everything about the release of Go Set A Watchman. I remain suspicious.



Ring ring, it’s for you, it’s the fashion police. Avoid crimes of fashion at all costs.



THE JESSICA JONES SHOW IS REAL & HAPPENING & here are some promo stills featuring Luke Cage on fire. While we wait for the show to happen, please take this time to go pick up a copy of Alias (no relation to the early 2000s TV show of the same name).



People are very excited about the Suicide Squad trailer. I am too grossed out by Jared Leto Joker to click this link and watch it all the way through but I hear good things. Sorry, Batman people. This is my offering to you.



lol fortunetelling; lol ghosts, lol but please take rejection seriously though. The Toast has more on the man who spent over $700,000 on trying to get a woman to stop rejecting his advances, and the fortuneteller who benefited from this poor sad fool’s poor decision making.


Public service announcement: fortune telling does not work. Live in the moment, you Calvinists!



Serious stuff:


A lot of this week’s crime news (and general news) was about sexual assault. Some articles circulating this past week exposed long-hidden stories of rape in popular culture.



Anne Helen Petersen’s emotionally-weighty and engrossing “That’s What Happened Between Me and Clark: Revising Old Hollywood’s Greatest Scandal” revealed that Clark Gable raped his costar, Classic Hollywood actress Loretta Young. The old Hollywood legend was that Young, unmarried, gave birth to a daughter and concocted an elaborate adoption narrative for the press in order to gain custody without destroying her career. These developments cast that story in a much harsher light.

That hope — for a happy ending, for herself as heroine — was what had kept Young quiet for so many years, and would keep her children quiet as well. But in 2011, Judy, then 78, succumbed to lymphoma. “Six months later, something went click,” Linda said, nursing a glass of pinot grigio at one of countless surf ’n’ turf grills that line the east Florida coast. “Judy is not here to be hurt by this. And that’s what Loretta really wanted to avoid — because who doesn’t want to be conceived in love?”

If this piece doesn’t break your heart, you probably don’t have one.



You’ve probably seen this article / know this already, but the Huffington Post’s The Lost Girls will stay with you for days. It covers the sexual and emotional trauma that the band’s manager inflicted on Runaways band member Jackie Fox as a teenage girl. Autostraddle‘s criticism and additional analysis adds a lot to the original article and I highly recommend it as a companion read.



Well, POMEs, we realize that got to a pretty serious place, so please feel free to get up, stretch your legs, and have a snack (which is what I am going to do). Hit us up in the comments if there are any other shady circumstances we should be reading about right now.

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