International Sailor Moon Day Austin 2017: Epilogue

We spent August 5th celebrating International Sailor Moon Day with some truly amazing people!!! If you came out to our event in Austin, Texas, know that it meant so much to us to have you there and to celebrate our favorite Sailor Senshi with you. You’re all lovely, magical people, and we have the pictures to prove it! That’s right: time for a recap post!!



Miracle Romance Photoshoot

Magical Dude Aurelio Aguirre took amazing photos of all our lovely attendees, and dang are you all stylish! Look at all these super cuties!



















Project Shoujo Costume Contest

Y’all really came out for the cosplay contest this year, and you super blew us away! Special thanks to our photographer Aurelio for documenting all these stunning looks.









Some of our costume contest winners:








We also want to give a huge shoutout to our awesome judges!


From left to right: Camille, Olive, and Mia Moore


Camille is a super blerd, black-cat lover and one of the founders of the nerdy pop culture channel Pretty Brown and Nerdy.


Olive is a magical baker who is also involved in the Austin Lolita Fashion community. You can see Olive’s beautiful creations over on her instagram.


Mia is an extraordinary cosplayer, writer, podcaster, and all-around cool lady. You can check out Mia’s blog to see more of her work.


And finally, we want to give a huge thank you to Melissa at Anime Austin for making this gorgeous trophies for our costume contest!





Sponsors & Vendors

We got a ton of amazing donations from our vendors and other local business who sponsored this event by donating prizes to the costume contest and our event raffle. Shoutout to the following groups for helping make ISMD Austin such a huge success:



Quack’s 43rd St Bakery
Amy’s Ice Cream
Birds Barbershop
The Cloth Pocket
Big Top Candy Shop
Anime Austin
Blue Velvet
The Alamo Drafthouse



Don’t worry, Sailor POMEs! You can still buy art, accessories, delicious treats, and all kinds of good stuff from our vendors. Here is where you can find everybody now that ISMD Austin is over.

Robby Cooke
The Kawaii Empire
Caitlin Zellers
Jenny Gacy
Mylo Merritt
Katie Cowden
Geek Fire Labs
Austin Books & Comics / Guzu Gallery
Arlene Cornejo
Foxtrot ATX
Katherine Kuehne



Some thanks are definitely in order, so here are some more folks we want to give a shout-out to:

Thanks to signs, our wonderful DJ: his beats were great and kept everybody moving all day. You can listen to more of signs‘s work over on Soundcloud.

Thanks to our many, many amazing bobble-headband-ed volunteers, without whom Sailor Moon Day Austin would not be possible. You guys totally saved our bacon and we deeply appreciate it! We have a few volunteers to give an extra special thanks to: Emery, who has tireless helped out through the entirety of the past three International Sailor Moon Day Austin-s; Erin and Holly, who managed costume contest registration and helped keep things moving smoothly throughout the whole contest; Nolan and Jorge, who worked from setup to teardown helping both vendors and attendees, and most of all, David Gimnich, our phenomenally talented and extremely hardworking volunteer coordinator.

Thanks to the Highball and the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar for hosting us, and to Tommy Swenson for making our amazing clip shows.

Thanks to all these amazing POMEs, as pictured at ISMD 2016:


Photo by Erika Rich
From left to right: CC, Rachel, Ashley, and Jenny


And a shoutout to Ashley Gallagher — POME editor and co-organizer for the previous ISMD Austin events. Ashley no longer lives in Austin, but ISMD Austin would not be possible without the hard work she’s poured into this wonderful event over the past few years.

And thanks to you, Sailor Guardians! We’re so happy that you partied down with us in the name of the moon and we hope to see all of your smiling faces at International Sailor Moon Day 2018. We’re especially grateful to those of you who have been coming back each year — thanks for spending time with us, and celebrating this beloved series with us. If y’all like what we do, please feel free to hang out here at POMEmag and check out some of the weird-yet-oddly-charming stuff we do here (and feel free to peruse our Sailor Moon-related posts here!). In the name of the moon, see y’all next year!



What did y’all like the most from this year’s event? What would you like us to add to next year’s lineup? Drop us a line in the comments or email to reach out!


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