Introducing GOING STEADY

We are thrilled to announce Going Steady: a brand new project from POMEpress. This book will be a print-only comics anthology about stable, solid couples who are in it together — stories that show the romance of everyday, loving partnerships.

Most stories about relationships focus on endings and beginnings. But here at POMEpress, we believe that there are plenty of fun, exciting stories still to tell about the moments in between. We love romance comics, and with Going Steady, we want to show that the excitement of love doesn’t fizzle out the moment two folks decide to build a life together. Sometimes the most thrilling adventures are the ones you tackle as a team! 

This is a call for submissions! All stories must stick to the following rules:

  • Must be about a stable, committed (not new) couple in a romantic relationship — Relationship should pre-exist story and continue after it ends
  • The story’s focus should not be on an internal conflict – those are fine to explore, as long as they’re a story element and not the driving force. We highly encourage stories about couples facing external conflicts, rather than internal ones. Either way, the relationship itself should not be at stake!
  • All (PG13-appropriate) genres are OK!

We are offering creative teams a $50 page rate for black-and-white comics, with a minimum of 7 pages and a maximum of 21 pages per story (because of the book layout, odd numbers only, please). Pitches are due on September 5th, with final pages due in February. The book itself will be printed in time for TCAF in May! For more details, as well as the submission form, head on over to the Going Steady Submissions Guide.

We’re so excited to make this contribution to the world of romance comics, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Faithfully yours,
The POMEcrones

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