Love Letter to Digimon

Dearest Digital World,


I know it’s been years since I talked with you. I haven’t forgotten you. Heck, I even caught up with you a little bit late last year with a flash of brand new episodes. Especially now, in this growing digital age of smartphones, self-driving cars, and drones, I find myself coming back to you, though the release of Digimon: Cyber Sleuth definitely helped re-awakening my memories of our time together. Thinking about you still takes me back to a time before swiping right was even in my mind.

I want you to take me back to the days of sitting in a trailer home on the ranch, the blistering Texas heat pounding my young  existence. Back then, my only source of relief was distraction in the form of “beat the heat with the digi-beat,” so I wasn’t alone, suffering from sweat in my eyes and dehydration.



Our love affair started with our adventures together in the original anime series. Digimon didn’t really didn’t have set evolutions, nor were they accompanied by a popular video game. This made you more of a mystery. I kept coming back to see what these digital monsters would turn into. And also, your digital creatures and their human companions were so intriguing. Season 1 and 2 had a great team and believe me, I was Team Joe. Gomamon was pretty rad, summoning fish out of digital water. Plus, his ultimate digivolution had a hammer! Gomamon was basically Digimon Thor for me. Season 2 introduced three new Digi-Destined and let’s be honest, Armadillomon stole my heart with his Texas accent. Actually, it was a toss up between Hawkmon and Armadillomon for accents. Season 3 was the “Tamers” season, which introduced Henry and his amazing Digimon, Terriermon! That Digimon had it all — a cool voice, great design, and just being the best!  Even now, Terriermon is still my favorite. I would have plushies of him in my room now, had I remembered to buy them. It was a bonus that this season had Terriermon go all the way to his Mega-digivolution. Younger me would always scream “I love you Terriermon!” whenever he was on screen.


terriemon_ou_lopmon___by_draw_marcelle-d59bxaeTerriermon and Lopmon, cuties


669848c612955d66b1553c59a0fbab40Joe and Zudomon

The first Digimon movie was a game-changer for me. I can’t help but think back on all the good times we had together in that movie — the introduction of Wallace and his adorable Terriermon, the road trip across the U.S., the new Digimon, watching the new Digidestined kick some ass — this movie had it all.



Wallace was my first major Digi-crush and Terriermon was the only Digimon I wanted to go on an adventure with. When he digivolved into Gargomon, it just sent me through the roof. This little guy packed quite a wallop! He was also super masculine with those machine gun arms, in case anyone was questioning my sexuality.


Those were different times. When I think back on that movie now, I still remember road trips to visit family in Mexico. would daydream that I was fighting Digimon with my own Terriermon on the desert drive. Sure, I may have had other motivations for loving the show. Maybe it was the cute boys that made me want to continue watching, or the catchy one-liners (Rapidmon saying, “It’s time to heal!”), but to be honest: it was obviously Terriermon.

When I found out about your video games, my spark for you grew even more. I didn’t jump on the game bandwagon until Digimon World 2 and it blew my young teenage mind! I mean, through that game, there were so many awesome things I could do with you. I could gather a team of three Digimon and explore dungeons in a tank trying to find renegade Digimon. Sign me the fuck up! I also had five years to kill until Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, so I had time to fill. (Okay, I’m kidding myself; I played that game because I loved every minute of it). Digimon World 3 continued to surprise me. In this game, you were a kid that went into the digital world and got three companions to take with you. It reminds me of sitting in my parent’s living room, running around the digital world with my three companions, Kotemon, Renamon, and Patomon, saving the digital world, together. It was so much fun, watching them grow. But unfortunately,  after this point, I wouldn’t play another Digimon game or see another series for many years to come.


imagesTank from Digimon World 2

934712-signup_a_packMy team from Digimon World 3 <3


So, Digital World, this is my short and sweet rambling about my love for you. I missed your presence in my life. I shouldn’t have gone so long without writing you, or watching one of your many series. You will always hold a candle in my heart and every time I play, I will always remember those times I fell digitally in love with you.


P.S. I love Terriermon.



Jorge J.B. Vazquez

Jorge J Barrera Vazquez

Jorge J Barrera Vazquez

I am a video game nerd with comic interests and on occasion I write my emotions out in letter form or articles.

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