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Summer Lovin’ Week: Love at First Sight

Summer Lovin’ Week is a triple digit tribute to crushes of all kinds -- the ephemeral ones that melt away before the school year starts, and the formative ones that stick with you for the rest of your life. Read more.

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Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now: A Playlist

Every day when your alarm goes off, your eyes flutter open and a sigh escapes your lips. Read more.


Space Week 2: Blasting Off

A week of outer space-themed articles and comics

Take a seat, strap yourself in, and say goodbye to the earth below you, because this week, the intrepid USS POME is travelling back through Terran space to take us deep into space, the final frontier. Read more.


How to Host Your Own Ladies’ Home Séance — For Reals!

(For Fakes)

It’s Séance Week, and what better way to commemorate that fact than by hosting your very own Ladies’ Home Séance? Read more.


POMEmag Séance Week

A week of ghosts and spirits

Everyone close your eyes and join hands because it’s Séance Week here on POMEmag. Read more.


POMEmag Spell Book Week: Epilogue

Before we close the book on Spell Book Week, we're taking one last look over the divinations and portents we shared with you this week. Read more.


Lavender’s Self-Care Bath

A simple bit of apothecary to bring you to a state of serenity. Read more.


Simple Sigils for Every Day

These sigils are easy for even the most novice of witches. Read more.

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Friendship Necromancy

How To Revive A Dead Friendship

If you've fallen out of touch with a trusted companion, this spell can help you restore your friendship to its former glory. Read more.

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