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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 09 – The Endymion Drinking Game

"I will never be a tragic princess again; let’s go to the moon"

CC and Ashley discuss Sailor Moon Crystals’ most agonizingly tedious episode yet – Ep. 9 “Serenity –Princess–”. Your hosts lament their lack of inflatable crying pedestals and take a drink every time anybody yells “ENDYMION.” If it took an infinite number of monkeys at typewriters to write Shakespeare, it took a very finite number of monkeys to write this hot mess. Also in this episode: Agent Carter, Mad Max: Fury Road, Maleficent, the Supergirl show, Dragon Age Inquisition, and memories of youthful (failed) romances.

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Podcast Hosts: Carolynn Calabrese and Ashley Gallagher

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Carolynn Calabrese

If you prick your finger and write “Cat Fancy” on your mirror in blood during a harvest moon, CC will appear behind you and make you put human clothes on your pets. CC is Head Crone in Charge at POMEgranate Magazine, as well as the co-host of Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!!

Ashley Gallagher

Ashley is a 100% organic mansplain repellent and the co-host of Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! She enjoys oversharing her bodily functions and headcanoning her favorite fictional characters queer.

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