Omega 4 Replay Collected Edition (Vol 1): a Pay-What-You-Want POMEzine!

Happy Birthday, Commander Shepard (and CC)!!! To celebrate, please enjoy the Omega 4 Replay Collected Edition (volume 1) — a pay-what-you-want zine that compiles all of our Mass Effect 1 replay fan comics. All proceeds from this zine directly support POMEmag’s talented coven of writers and artists. Give both CC and Commander Shepard the gift of paying even more talented folks to make weird stuff for the internet by picking up the collected Omega 4 Replay comic here!

What is the Omega 4 Replay? 

As longtime POME readers may already know, in the year 2016, the human race was blessed with increasingly frequent updates about the impending release of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

In the years that followed, Rachel and CC embarked on an intrepid journey to replay the original trilogy.

The civilizations of the galaxy called it: THE OMEGA 4 REPLAY — a fan comic mostly about Persephone Shepard’s quest to figure out what Garrus’s butt looks like, but also about two friends bonding over hot video game aliens. 

What’s in this Collected Edition?

Originally published between May 2016 and November 2017, this Volume 1 of the collected Omega 4 Replay is a digital-exclusive zine. It collects each of our original Mass Effect replay fan comics in one easy-to-read volume, plus bonus Mass Effect essays from the POME archive and reflections on our adventures across the Milky Way.

Where To Pick Up This Beautiful Volume

Grab a copy of the Omega 4 Replay on Gumroad here for at least $1! Or, become a POMEmag Patron and read it for free on our Patreon here.

What’s Next for the Omega 4 Replay

Rachel and CC started Mass Effect 2 way back in 2017, and look, let’s be honest here: we still have a ways to go before we hit those final credits. While we definitely won’t finish ME2 before next month’s Mass Effect Legendary Edition release, rest assured that we’re not starting over!!! We’ll be booting up the old Xbox 360 and heading to Omega for real as soon as we possibly can.

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