On Days Like These

On days like these — days that follow horrible events, days where we feel helpless and lost and we know that others do, too — we really want to create things that make people feel a little better. We want you to feel good, so we try to write jokes or articles that inform you about the stuff you love, or that give you something to laugh at in a world where laughing feels a little harder after each terrible piece of news. And we know that the horrible events of these past few days, months, and years are nothing new. Violent white supremacy and bigotry didn’t emerge fully formed as soon as the 2016 election ended. At the same time, we’re living through an era with an administration that supports domestic terrorism. There is nothing we could possibly say to make the events in Charlottesville less horrifying.

So we don’t have a Hot Take for you today. How can we? What else can anyone say but “take a stand against white supremacy and fascism wherever you find it?” But what we do have for you today are links and resources — the most reliable news we can find about what happened on Saturday to cut through the noise a little bit, and articles to help you take small actions in the aftermath of this tragedy.

We love that you choose to spend time with us and want to do whatever we can to give you a break from the overall terribleness of everything right now. And we will keep on doing this for as long as we can. We’ll get back to infusing some levity into your feed after this post. But one thing we won’t do is pretend like everything is fine, because we know—and we know you know —that it’s not.

We’ll do our best to keep you informed when we have something worth saying, and to entertain you when things just feel like too goddamned much. We’re here for y’all in whatever way we can be.

-The POMEmag Editorial Crones



Links and Resources


Natalie Romero is a Texan native and activist who was injured in Charlottesville. You can help Natalie raise funds for her extensive medical expenses here.



If you’re tempted to point out that you’re one of the good ones right now…please don’t.”



On white women and white supremacy.



A thorough recount of the entire protest on Friday and Saturday, with tons of links and sources.



On the utility of removing Confederate statues and some of the cities (like New Orleans or most recently, Gainesville) who are tearing them down.



Attn: Texans — they’re going to Texas A&M, too.



Yes, You’re Racist is a twitter account for identifying racists at white supremacist marches. Follow Yes, You’re Racist to help identify some racists.


And finally, a master list with TONS of ways to get involved


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