Pick up a POMEsgiving Cookbook at Staple!

Do you remember when we opened our hearths to you, dear readers, for our delicious POMEsgiving feast? We have now printed these recipes into cookbooks so you can have your own POMEsgiving anytime you like. Today we are very excited to present to you our first printed collection:  the POMEsgiving Cookbook. We are also excited to tell you that they’ll be available in our upcoming POME store(!!), but for those lucky few who might be in Austin, Texas this weekend and attending Staple!, you can pick up early copies from some of the cookbook contributors who are tabling! Pick up a POMEsgiving Cookbook from either of these two fantastic artists:


Cait Zellers is a real charmer with a heart of gold, and she’ll have copies of the cookbook along with her other beautiful prints and comics that you should definitely pick up! She will be in the hall at table 23.


Victoria Grace Elliott is a small forest troll that will be selling her own prints and comics, and she’ll have cookbook copies for those pure of spirit and clear of mind. She will be in the annex at table 68.




Staple! is a two-day independent media expo located in Austin, Texas. For the past 12 years, Staple! has been showcasing comics artists of all kinds. Be on the lookout for other POME contributors at the show!


If you’re not able to make it out to Staple!, don’t worry — we’ll keep you posted about the upcoming POMEmag store. We can’t wait to make a POMEsgiving Cookbook available for you all!


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