POMEsgiving Dinner

What’s cookin’, POMEs? We are! But for real – welcome to our very special POMEsgiving Dinner! Pull up a chair and pass the potatoes, because all of our content this week is a part of our Thanksgiving feast. We’re so glad that you could join us! Our lovely potluck guests will be feeding us recipe comics as the week wears on. Each day leading up to Thanksgiving, we’ll unveil more and more of our guests and their delicious recipes (but don’t forget to save room for dessert!). We’re thankful for so much this year, but mostly, we’re thankful for you guys, so we’re happy to have room for all of you at our table this Thanksgiving.



  • Tuesday, 11/24: Appetizers
  • Wednesday, 11/25: Sides
  • Thursday, 11/26: Entrées
  • Friday, 11/27: Desserts
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Pomegranate Magazine

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Afternoon Snack

Lot goin’ on this week! Worlds collide! Shea Couleé from RuPaul’s Cinematic Universe is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Rebecca Mock’s huge brain and the

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