Roadtrip Provisions: POMEsgiving Playlist 2018

Thanksgiving is here again and we’re wishing everyone traveling this week a safe and fun holiday weekend. If you’re hitting the road this afternoon, we have once again made you a present: another lovingly-crafted POMEsgiving Playlist to help you get wherever you’re going. We are thankful for you! Safe travels, whether you’re journeying across the country, or just across your living room.

POMEsgiving Playlist 2018


Even more thanks to give:

This year, you are one of the things that all of us here at POMEmag are most thankful for. Thank you for sticking with us all of these years, for helping bring our big, beautiful book to life this spring, and for shouting to, at, and with us about all our favorite curséd media properties throughout the whole of 2018. We’re excited to keep shouting with y’all for years to come.


-All the POMEs


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