Sacrificial Snack II: The Snackening: Resurrection

No week of witchcraft at POME would be truly complete without a little snack to carry you through. Check out all the ghoulish things we found for you to peruse while you wait for your latest potion to come to a boil.



Do you ever sit and think to yourself, “There’s just no good place to buy fashionable clothes for my canine companion at reasonable prices.” Well look no further than this beautiful list of 28 Of The Best Pieces of Clothing For Dogs On Amazon. Now you and your doggo can go out together in ~*~style~*~.




Can we PLEASE talk about:

  • That wall mural of Richard (RIP)
  • Kirk at Friday Night Dinner?????????
  • Paris’ Claire Underwood haircut
  • Ventimiglia de Milo’s increasing hotness with age
  • Emily getting into KonMari (?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!)
  • Lorelei still has the pink coat

If you need us, we’ll be rewatching this trailer like 7 more times.



“How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul”, a longread from The Atlantic, goes into really great detail about the shift made by Watergate Babies in the Democratic party after they swept through Congress in the months following Nixon’s resignation.

The essence of populist politics is that political and economic freedom are deeply intertwined—that real democracy requires not just an opportunity to vote but an opportunity to compete in an open marketplace. This was the kind of politics that the Watergate Babies accidentally overthrew.



If you’re still playing Pokémon Go, get ready for an increase in spooky Pokémon in your near future. The game will be getting into the spirit of the season in the coming days, so stock up on Pokéballs now!



DONALD GLOVER HAS BEEN CAST AS LANDO CALRISSIAN IN THE UNTITLED HAN SOLO MOVIE AND WE COULD NOT BE MORE STOKED. This is everything we have ever wanted. We are eagerly awaiting the slashfic that will inevitably be produced between Glover and whoever they cast has young Han Solo.



Black Mirror is a spooky show, but it’s given us the gift of a lesbian happily-ever after in it’s fourth episode, “San Junipero”.




Check out these witchy badasses from illustrator @MunaDraws!



Looks like your potion is ready POMEs! Better tend to it, leaving it too long in the cauldron has left more than one witch quite the mess to clean up (that wing of bat is just so hard to get out of carpet). Stay tuned for more spells and hexes as we continue our Spell Book Week!


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