Space Out Your Space with Outer Space-y Decor

Many moons ago, I contributed to Space Week for the first time and compiled a super fun list of the most “out of this world” jewelry the galaxy had to offer.

This time, I’m going to help you take your living space to truly astronomical levels of radness.

If one of your goals for 2018 is to escape the planet Earth (and let’s be real: it is), here’s the ultimate way to do that—by making your home transport you and any visitors to the cosmos as soon as you walk through the door.



Salty Astronaut Sun Catcher by RavenHalyin on Etsy

Outer Space-y Decor Sun Catcher

Who among us doesn’t need some space, man?! I need so much space, I am practically in orbit! Listen, I don’t know about you, but this is already a mantra of mine for the new year, and who better to broadcast it than a stained glass astronaut? Dope.


Subtle Wall Mural by PhotoDecorByDani on Etsy

Outer Space-y Decor wall mural

If you’re SERIOUS about capturing that perfect “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” vibe, NOTHING will get you there faster than a fucking huge wall mural literally showcasing what it’s like to view Earth from above. Ignore the naive orientation of the furniture in this sales image, because everyone knows you’re pointing the sofa RIGHT AT that wall.


“Give Me Space” Embroidery by BountyOfTheSea on Etsy

Outer Space-y Decor needlepoint

A similar tone to Mr. Spaceman up there, but hey, you really cannot overstate this sentiment: You need space and by SPACE you mean OUTER and by OUTER you mean OUTER HERE. I don’t know how this could be more clear!


Out-of-This-World Wall Art by Robin Eisenberg

Outer Space-y Decor wall art

Real talk: Robin is one of my favorite artists ever, and full disclosure that I already own a print of this piece, titled “Dreamer” (image via Twitter). For certs, only in my wildest dreams do I live in a cozy spaceship gazing down at this blue dot with my alien cat by my side, and Robin has captured that scenario better than my brain ever could have. Heart eyes all the way to the moon!


Blast-Off Garland by MERRILULU on Etsy

Outer Space-y Decor garland

Don’t even try to pretend like you have to be four years old to appreciate the coolness of this adorable garland. Like, are you serious? FACT: No one ever outgrows cute celebrations of space. Not even 30-year-old women who wear yoga pants every day and fantasize about their home offices transforming into spaceships and exiting the stratosphere. THIS IS ALL HYPOTHETICAL.


Cat-stronaut Shower Curtain by Ambesonne 

Outer Space-y Decor shower curtain

“Oooh, how practical,” everyone will say when they enter your bathroom—and immediately forget the date and their entire life leading up to that pivotal moment as they gaze upon the pure splendor of this shower curtain. “It’s just….it’s so….” they’ll say, at a loss for words, tears of joy springing to their eyes. “I know,” you’ll softly reply, patting yet another newly enlightened shoulder in your throne room. “I know.”


Porg on Board—official Star Wars toy

Outer Space-y Decor porg on board

Did you think we were going to make it through this list without porgs? You were wrong. This one goes inside your car window, just like the one in the Millennium Falcon. Poor little dude better get a tiny seatbelt in episode IX. In the meantime, do you think it’s a safety hazard to cover every window of my purple Honda Fit with these and blaze on down to Taco Bueno blasting some ELO?


Rocket Air Plant Holder by jellyfirshkisses on Etsy 

Outer Space-y Decor rocket



Wooden Nebula Coasters by LanchenDesigns on Etsy

Outer Space-y Decor coasters

I mean, whatever. We’re all stuck here, so pass me a cold drink, and I’ll plop it right down on some gorgeous art. Why not? What’s cooler than bein’ cool?? OUTER SPACE.



And there you have it! For those times when being an Earthling just doesn’t seem like the best deal in the galaxy, make your space more space-y and have a little escapey.

It’s a big ass universe out there, and we’re just one little speck floating in that great abyss. We may not be able to blast off for real, but we can damn sure DECORATE.

Alicia Kania

Alicia Kania

Alicia is a feminist mermaid on a never-ending quest to find the ultimate grilled cheese. She enjoys flower crowns, air conditioning, and singing to her cat. Please send her any and all funny animal gifs set to music. You can follow her on Twitter and visit her magical blog Alicia of Earth.
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