Stay-at-Home Roadtrip Provisions: POMEsgiving 2020

Thanksgiving is here again, and despite this uniquely terrible year, we’re grateful that we are weathering it right there with y’all. Normally this is the part where we wish everyone traveling a safe and fun holiday weekend, but we know that isn’t on the menu for most of us right now.

But regardless of everything (and we really do mean everything, because this year there has just been so very much), we know that anything can be a roadtrip — even the trip from your couch to your kitchen. And with this ethos in mind, we have once again made you a present: another lovingly-crafted POMEsgiving Playlist to help you get wherever you’re going. We are thankful for you!

While we urge you to stay home and stay safe in these, our pandemic times, we hope this playlist helps make the rest of 2020 a little brighter.

Even more thanks to give:

We’re especially grateful to all of the wonderful POMEs who helped us craft this year’s playlist, which was even more of a team effort than usual. Getting to know our contributors a little better this year has been one silver lining in an especially cursed year.

The whole POMEmag editorial coven is so grateful to all the folks who helped make our newest crowdfunded book Going Steady the first of our Kickstarter projects to hit a major stretch goal. We’re incredibly proud of our beautiful books and the talented and thoughtful artists within them. We hope each of you has fallen as in love with Going Steady while reading it as we did while bringing it to life.

And as always, thanks so much to all of our friends and loved ones for sharing in the neat stuff we’re working on, and to each of you for being our POMEs.

Looking for more POMEsgiving roadtrip jams?

Here are all of our previous POMEsgiving playlists, each tested by many IRL roadtrips & filled with high-quality bonafide jams.

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