Throwback Thursday: August 2018

Welcome to Throwback Thursday: August 2018! It’s POME’s birthday month — you always knew this site was a Leo — and it’s time to celebrate! Take a trip back with me to August of years past: Gay Grease, Medieval Woodcuts, One Direction, and more await you at this self-indulgent birthday bash!



Get the Look: Vasilisa the Beautiful

We kicked off August this year with the only thing I learned in college (this one Russian fairy tale), tastefully paired with one of the many things I didn’t learn in college (how to dress myself). So, cast your mind back to, like, four weeks ago, and find out how to get that “Evil-Magic”-just-burned-my-shitty-stepfamily-to-death #look.

5 Things I Learned Canvassing During the California Primaries

After you learn about fairy tales and what a vignette is in the context of decorating, take some time to learn what Katrina found out the hard way: you have to take action if you want anything to change. Read through these valuable lessons about how to cope with the hell that is America today.

Give Us A Stressful Task, and We’ll Give You An Affirmation from Jonathan Van Ness

We at POMEmag love Alejandra and we also love Jonathan Van Ness. We know that there are times when life gets stressful, JVN is here; he’s got you. The Queer Eye reboot has been a bright and shining hope in this truly shit year, and we could all use some of Jonathan’s optimism and understanding right about now.



Grease, but Gay

August 2017 was a blessed month that brought us this beautiful listicle to answer the question: what is Grease were gay? Well— gay-er. Shout out to the real OTP: Blanche and Principal McGee!

Dream Daddy

Last August was also the height of Dream Daddy’s popularity, and hey — maybe we should bring that back; let’s everyone go play Dream Daddy again because it’s a wonderful and heartwarming game, goddammit! Just full of wholesome puns and dreamy dads!

A Sip of Jasmine Tea

And let’s not forget that last August Disney announced yet another in its string of live-action remakes: Aladdin! IMDB says it’s in post-production as of January 2018, so I guess take that however you will. But, more importantly, take this thoughtful and important take on the casting choices from Ashley Robinson!



Ask Persephone: Suffering fools, unpaid internships, and the existential anguish of mortal existence

Remember how we have a direct line with which to petition Persephone, Dread Queen of the Dead, with all our mortal quandaries? Well, we do — she’s here for us, and she’s full of sage wisdom. In August 2016, she told us all about how to survive on this blasted earth and also the harsh realities of this capitalist hell we all live in.

Arcane Career Wisdom For Recent Grads That They Will Ignore At Great Cost

Speaking of this capitalist hell — August 2016 was full of sound advice on how to navigate your way through it. While we know that much of this advice will be ignored, it’s always worth perusing the medieval woodcuts and pondering their ancient wisdom anyway.

Four Things We Need from the Splash Remake

Remember this?? What happened to this?? We were promised a Channing Tatum remake of Splash and it has not been delivered!! It’s still listed as “In-Development” on IMDB!! It’s 2018! If anyone knows how this movie is EXACTLY what we need in our current hellscape, it’s Alicia.



Let’s Recast Spice World with One Direction

I can’t NOT put this here. This is not only a critical examination of male privilege and the dangers capitalism, it’s also the beginning of a beautiful friendship! If these jokes weren’t funny, I wouldn’t be where I am today (a proud member of the POMEcoven), and I also would never have been able to share any of my quality Russian literature hot takes with you and the world!

Cookin’ With Cait – Quiche!

2015 also saw the very first installment of Cookin’ with Cait — a beautiful and perfect recipe comic series from long-time POMEcrone Cait Zellers, and a personal favorite of mine. Take a look back at this quiche! The recipe that started it all!

A Year of POME(‘s Domain)

Remember back to our very first birthday celebration — one year of the POME domain name came with a lifetime of crones, and, just like our eternal crone hearts, here’s hoping for infinite lifetimes more!

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