Throwback Thursday: January 2018

Continuing our new tradition of taking a glimpse through ~*~time and space~*~, we now present to you some of our favorite POME features from Januarys past.



January 2018:

5 Golden Girls Episodes for Our Current Hellscape

In what is really a very quick jaunt in our Way-Way-Back Machine, this article by Alejandra touches on most of our favorite things, namely old broads, female friendship, and interpretations of the eternal abyss.


Worf’s Signature Juice Cleanse

Lady Antoinette Marchpane hit up her good friend Worf for these killer juice recommendations, and we’ve been sipping on nothing but replicated gagh ever since!


January 2017:

Public Places to Barf: An Assessment

January 2017 was a rough time for many of us, and I think you can see that theme emerge when you look at some of our content from those days. Assessing and ranking the best places to barf in public is a visceral reaction that we had to what was going on in these United States in the wake of an upsetting election, as I’m sure is uh, probably obvious. We have never claimed subtlety, ok???


Ask Persephone: Get a raise, embrace your flaws, and hex your enemies

I have always been forever grateful that the Queen of the Dead and Mistress of Night, the Goddess Persephone, agreed to share her vengeful wisdom with us mere mortals. She always knows just what advice to dispense — and if she doesn’t, she knows just what kind of herb you can turn your problem into.


January 2016:

Somehow I find myself talking about how much I love Magic Mike XXL and how it’s actually one of my favorite movies of all time pretty regularly. Like, actually, for real. I also find myself defending Jupiter Ascending and the power of both fanfic-realization and handsome space-dogs to people way more often than you’d think. Whenever I get into these conversations, I always think about this article, and more often than not I end up sending it to the person I am trying to convince, and INSISTING they read it, because that’s how good this article is (and also the kind of person I am, apparently).


5 Hot Tips for Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Sooner or later, they’re going to find out I’m a fake. You might be thinking. Someday they’ll see me for what I really am — an organ-devouring alien that has been wearing this human’s skin for the last 36 months. We just want you to know that you’re not alone. Welcome to the Impostor Syndrome.  

I have never stopped loving this article.


Five Stages of a Star Trek Binge

2016 was the year of our very first USS POME voyage, and this lovingly crafted piece by two big ol’ nerds was one of the highlights or our first intergalactic voyage. Cute drawings and extremely good advice about practical Star Trek binging are obviously the key components of some quality Way-Way-Back Machine content.



That wraps up our brief time travel sojourn! Check back in February for another trip in our extremely-real time machine, and we’ll reveal more of our fave content across the year.


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