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Double Feature: Bell Book and Candle and The Love Witch

Witchcraft, Old and New (AKA Internalized Misogyny and Loss of the Self)

Maybe the violent shared experience of womanhood hasn’t changed that much, but the narrative commentary certainly has! Read more.

#feels, #popculture, #she-roes

Double Feature: Whip It & Bend It Like Beckham

Compulsory Heterosexuality (AKA Just Gals Bein' Pals)

So, don’t get me wrong, here. I am ALL ABOUT the power and importance of female friendship, but listen: sometimes it is genuinely more than friendship; sometimes it’s just gay. Read more.

#feels, #popculture

Double Feature: Legally Blonde & Xena

Galentine's Day (AKA Selma Blair Learns About Friendship)

It’s nearly Galentine’s Day, that most sacred time of year, and POME is back again with yet another carefully curated viewing experience to help you celebrate lady friends and also brunch. Read more.

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Double Feature: Hocus Pocus & The Witches of Eastwick

Spoopy October Time (AKA The Do’s and Don’ts of Coven Dynamics)

We’re halfway to Halloween, there’s a full moon this weekend, and I’m here to talk to you about Witches. Read more.


Double Feature: Gordon Ramsay

(AKA Patton Oswalt has Discerning Taste)

So, this week’s installment of “Jenny Y’know I Don’t See How That’s Going to Work But I Trust You” is going to take a little more trust than usual. We -- you and I, together -- are going to be branching out into the wide, wide, world of cinematic alternatives. After all, we’re living in the Golden Age of Television™ and I could only forestall this inevitability for so long. But do not fear! The reflective purpose of the double feature remains intact! But, this one only takes two hours instead of, like, four. Read more.

#feels, #popculture, #rando, #she-roes

Double Feature: Bringing Up Baby & The Hangover

Cats one the Loose (AKA The (D)Evolution of the Screwball Comedy)

For this week’s installment of “Jenny, Y'know I Don't See How That's Going to Work But I Trust You," I present a truly delightful and inspiring piece of media, and a movie that I liked when I was sixteen because I thought liking it would make people think I was cool (it did not; I was not). Read more.

#feels, #popculture

Double Feature: Krampus & Edward Scissorhands

Christmas in July (AKA Weeniehut Jr's Scary Blizzard-a-thon)

I understand with my brain that the days are getting shorter and summer is, technically, on its way out. However, I cannot stop my body from screaming “THIS HEAT IS UNBEARABLE! I’M GOING TO DIE LIKE THIS! SUMMER IS ETERNAL AND THERE IS NO ESCAPE!” For those of you who may be feeling the same way, I have put together this double feature to remind you that there is a light at the end of that tunnel (or rather, a darkness). Read more.

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Double Feature: Bottle Shock & Miracle

'Merica (AKA #Winning)

The Fourth of July is nearly upon us, and those who have escaped retail/food service are probably reveling in the promise of a three day weekend full of mosquitoes, loud noises, and obligatory family gatherings! Many of you, I’m sure, have perfected the art of bingeing The West Wing in an attempt to stir up enough patriotism to forestall your racist aunt’s cries of “Damn Commie.” But, if you’d like to take a break from Sorkin’s quick-witted condescension, I am here to offer a fine alternative. Read more.


Double Feature: Mad Max Fury Road & Crossroads

Roads (AKA Found Family)

It has now been over a full year since our lives were forever changed by the appearance of the one true savior, Our Lady Furiosa. In celebration of this historic event, I have prepared for you this double feature centering on two of the things Our Lady has taught us to value most: Love and Support between Women, and also Roads. Read more.

#feels, #popculture, #rando, #she-roes

Double Feature: Mary Poppins & The Sound of Music

Julie Andrews Teaches Jaded Dad to Love through the Power of Song

There is technically one more month of spring, and with that in mind, I ask you to listen to the hills (hint: they’re alive with a Sound). The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and maybe it’s time for a little spring cleaning - so throw open those windows, sweep out those chimneys and sit yourself down for this, your reward. Read more.

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