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Happy Halloween from the whole POMEmag coven. We wish you the warmest and most fruitful of spooky holidays. We also invite you to reap the benefits of our harvest in this All Hallows’ Eve Afternoon Snack, which contains bountiful tricks & treats. We’ve mined the internet for assorted fears and spooky happenings to savor while a fire crackles in your hearth.

Plus, POMEmag’s Friends-of-the-Coven have also delivered a bounty of cool stuff for you to peruse this week, so enjoy!

[cackles into the night winds, never to be seen again (today)]



Pumpkin Spice: The essence of spooky, right??



Friend-of-the-Coven Caitlin not only worked magic during our Spell Book Week, but she also whipped up this gorgeous bag to wear while you’re spooking the patriarchy.



It’s too late to get these Boss Crone Witch Hats for Halloween, but it’s a good thing they’re a badass fashion staple the whole year round. 10/10 A++ witch hats, would witch again.


How do I liiiiiiive without yoooooou
Where have you been all my life, you beautiful hat?? — via HandiCraft Kate



Friend-of-the-Coven Alicia wrote this blog post on how to turn your pumpkin into a fairy house because she is literally a magical person. Alicia is an actual mermaid who made an award-winning pumpkin fairy house and we are proud of her and proud to know her.



A spooky story to send shivers up The Patriarchy’s spine: two women go on the Bachelor and fall in love; trash dude Bachelor irrelevant.



Astronaut corpses! Humanity’s potential to wreak ecological horror on/bring new life to worlds beyond this one.



Dang it, Neil Gaiman. 🙁



On the Alt Right’s fear of the Misandropocalypse.


The most terrifying prospect of all is what happens when women work collectively. The idea of women organizing, sharing information and resources, and coming together to change the world—rather than competing for male attention as is right and natural—is terrifying enough when it’s a few pink-haired weirdoes on the internet. The thought of what they might do with real political power sends shudders through the locker room.


ehehehehehehe #spooky #scary




Avery, another Friend-of-the-Coven, tipped us off about The Boy and The Island: an English-Language Manga following the 12 year old Kai and his companions as they explore the mysterious island of Circadia. The creator is currently raising funds to finish completion of this story and we thought we’d pass the message along to y’all!



Hey Other Friends-of-the-Coven: If you have any more bone-chilling links to send our way, drop them in the comments so we can keep these Halloween vibes going all day long.

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