Ukulele Spells: Coda Kickstarter Recap

Break out the pumpkin juice because it’s time to party! Ukulele Spells: Coda — the Deluxe Edition of our much-beloved bestseller, Ukulele Spells — was successfully funded on Kickstarter! Thanks to the support of our contributors, loved ones, and backers, we’ve raised $3,443 from 167 donors over the past 30 days. Now that we’re funded, here’s a look at what’s next for Ukulele Spells: Coda.

A Ukulele Spells: Coda Recap

We launched Ukulele Spells: Coda back on September 4th, and it was added to Kickstarter’s list of Projects We Love very shortly after!

By the last day of the campaign, we reached 115% of our funding goal. All of the POMEcrones have adored Ukulele Spells since it was first published back in 2017, and it was so wonderful to see this Deluxe Edition come to life with such a swell of support! We also want to give a big shoutout to our amazing postcard guest artists: Ashley Robin Franklin, Morgan Thomas, and Jamie Kaye! We’re so grateful to them for creating the beautiful art we shared through this campaign.

We’ll be mailing out physical copies (and emailing out digital copies) of Ukulele Spells: Coda to our backers in January 2020, and we’ll be sure to keep y’all updated once the books are on their way!

How Can I Buy Ukulele Spells: Coda If I Missed the Kickstarter?

Fear not! Preorders for the second printing of Ukulele Spells: Coda will be open soon on the POMEmag Store.

You can also purchase Ukulele Spells: Coda directly from the POMEpress table at any show we go to, starting in 2020! Be sure to follow POMEmag on Twitter for the latest updates on where we’ll be tabeling!

What’s next for POMEpress?

To all you local POMEs, come see us at STAPLE! this weekend! It’s at the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex and it’s going to be so much fun! ALSO!! The POMEpress Editorial Crones are heading to ShortRun for the first time this year! So, find us at the Short Run Comix & Art Festival in the Seattle Center on November 9th!

If you liked Ukulele Spells: Coda, or any of the other POMEpress projects, we hope you’ll check out the strange and sincere content here at POMEmag! On this site, we publish comics and words for sensitive weirdos that explore topics from friendship to fandom to spells in our articles, comics, listicles, and quizzes. 

We’re also getting deep into our newest print project, Going Steady, a comics anthology about couples who are in it together! Submissions have closed, and your POMEcrones are hard at work, putting together this lovely book about couples in love! It’s slated to debut in the Spring of 2020, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

And if you enjoyed the feeling of giving your hard-earned cash to internet crones, we encourage you to check out the POMEmag Patreon, where you can turn your dollars into gentle horoscopes and behind-the-scenes content, and the POMEmag Store, where you can purchase all our other print content and merch.

We love y’all so much and we’re floored by how y’all have supported this project of ours. We’ve worked so hard on Ukulele Spells: Coda (Rachel has tendonitis now! She works so hard!), and we can’t wait for everyone to read it and enjoy it.

Tearfully yours,

the POMEcrones

(CC, Rachel, Jenny, Ashley)

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