#ukulele spells

Ukulele Spells: Coda Kickstarter Recap

Looking back and looking forward

Announcing the UKULELE SPELLS: CODA Kickstarter!

A beautifully reprinted comic to teach spellcasters of all ages to play the ukulele

Eye of Newt: A Cauldron Snack

Stew on these recommended readings for the everyday crone

Ukulele Spells: Lesson 10

Reaching spell mastery and the end of our lessons

Ukulele Spells: Lesson 9

In which we learn the fundamentals of crafting your own spells

Ukulele Spells: Lesson 8

In which we learn the importance of magical upkeep.

Ukulele Spells: Lesson 6

In which things are lost, then magically found

Ukulele Spells: Q&A

In which we take questions from the audience, specifically Rachel's dad

Ukulele Spells: Lesson 5

Because witches take the bus too

Ukulele Spells: Lesson 4

A spell to disguise, a spell for the masquerade

Ukulele Spells: Lesson 3

A tasty spell to help you make tasty things

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